Compression Pant for Thigh, EmbioZ Brand

  • $ 79.95

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Power System along the hip and thigh helps correct hip movement pattern, allowing for advanced muscular performance of the thigh to level up speed and accuracy, and complete every hip/knee movement flawlessly.

■ Power System maximizes energy, including strength and endurance capability of hip and knee, to improve explosive power in jumping, kicking and squatting.

■ Comfort System wicks away sweat and ventilates quickly to keep body dry, offering optimal comfort during  long training.  The Comfort System stays breathable to keep the body dry and comfortable during exercise, effectively maintaining a balanced body temperature.

■ Seamless compression improves endurance, prevents fatigue and decreases swelling.  Seamless design increases overall comfort.

■ Power System completely covers the lower abdomen and thighs to increase proprioception, maintain waist stability, and enhance the explosive power of muscles during jumping, squatting, kicking, and other movements.