Resistance Band, Set of 3 - Thera-Band Light Resistance

  • $ 24.95

  • Perfect exercise band set for beginners to use in at home physical therapy, with three light resistance levels that are easy to use by the elderly or those recovering from surgery, great for rehabilitating muscles and improving range of motion
  • Use as elastic stretching bands to increase strength and flexibility for ballet, pilates, yoga, or other athletes, also comes in an advanced level package of blue, black, and silver bands for increased difficulty and challenging workouts
  • Non-Latex Resistance Band increases both strength and flexibility and is perfect for those with latex allergies needing hypoallergenic resistance bands
  • Ideal for use in inclusion classrooms or occupational therapy for children with attention deficit or hyperactivity, tie around the bottom of chairs to create a DIY fidget foot band
  • Each band measures 5 feet long X 4 inches wide and comes in three color-coded resistance levels: Yellow, for resistance simliar 3-4 lbs. weights; Red, for resistance similar to 4-5 lbs. weights; Green, for resistance similar to 5 lbs. weights