Yoga Mat, Manduka Pro Brand

  • $ 139.95

Please call (310) 260 -9633 for current colors.

The 'Taj Mahal of Yoga Mats'

Comfort & support: longer, wider and thicker than most yoga mats to protect the joints and spine.

Durability & longevity: superior wear and resilience, designed to last a lifetime (or two!).

Slip resistant grip: fabric-like finish; non-sticky, even with light perspiration.

Eco-responsible: zero toxic emissions released during production, life-long durability reduces consumption and landfill waste.

Eco Friendly Production Standards: This mat and its production exceed the established ecological standards for human and environmental contact with PVC products by Oeko-Tex Standards, the European association for textile industries. Its non-allergenic, non-latex, closed-cell foam construction prevents absorption of sweat and microbes. Any dyes used are non-AZO.